Families reunite with hero first responders who helped rescue pets from fire

The Fairfield couple are grateful to a group of first responders who saved many pets from a house fire last week.

A fire destroyed the Fairfield home of Angela Ambesky and Vladimir Korbesky.

As volunteer firefighters tackled a raging fire behind the house, another group heard six pets calling and rushed to the front of the house. Pets were 3 dogs and 3 cats.

“I looked under the bed, pulled the cat out, and handed it over to the police,” says firefighter Andrew Pravata. “And when I went back to look for it again, I saw a dog under the bed.”

The dog’s name is Precious. Sweet, but not a small pitbull. After moving her bed, they were finally able to grab her. She was then safely handed over through her window.

“It was also an instinct, just to catch the animal and take it out of its dangerous situation,” says Pravata.

Kolbesky was also able to save one of his pets, sustaining burns in the process. he was not seriously injured.

“I tried to save my children. My children, my dogs,” says Kolbesky.

The group reunited on Monday so families could thank them. The couple’s children are grown and away from home, so the pet is their “baby.”

“Without them, we would have been devastated,” says Anveski. “A home is one thing. It can be repaired. But life, human or animal, cannot be replaced.”

Unfortunately, one of the cats, Gracie, never showed up. The other two are currently staying at a nearby pet-friendly hotel.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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