Family fights Bridgeport over backyard sinkhole

There is controversy over who is responsible for the sinkhole in the Bridgeport family’s backyard.

When the family bought their land in the North End of the city, they had no idea that 15 years later the sinkhole would show up after heavy rains.

34-year-old Jerome Jackson said, “There’s a school nearby, so I thought this would be a great community.

However, during a severe summer storm in 2020, we saw a sinkhole emerge and captured it on video.

“When I looked there was this big sinkhole. I said where did it come from? And she said I don’t know!” he said.

Jackson says the six-foot drop is also a safety hazard, especially for children.

“We have to fix it. If not, maybe someone will die or someone will be badly injured,” he explained.

However, when he approached the city, Bridgeport officials told him that because the drain pipe was on private property, Bridgeport was not responsible for the repairs.

Senator Richard Blumenthal has said his office will not allow the newly available federal infrastructure budget to be used to help families as wastewater eventually ends up in the federally protected Long Island Sound. It states that it is trying to confirm

“This sinkhole is worrisome because it jeopardizes drain pipes that can pollute the area and the Long Island Sound,” said Blumenthal.

Meanwhile, Jackson cuts off the railroad ties so that no one falls into the pit.

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