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Today, Hempstead Hall was filled with community members who attended the Family Health Expo to learn about healthy living. But to their pleasant surprise, they were able to have a little fun and receive prizes while doing so.

Hosted by the Hempstead County Wellness Alliance, the expo provided attendees access to services such as blood pressure checks by nursing students from Pafford and UAHT, vision and hearing tests from Hope Public Schools, booster shots, and vaccines ( Perfford also provided a blood glucose test). From Cabun Rural Health and others. Attendees also received educational information on various aspects of a healthy lifestyle, although many booths had gifts, games, or hands-on activities to help pass on the information. There was a fun twist. For example, one of the booths at the University of Arkansas Research & Extension Office had a black light tent that expo-goers could walk into and watch a simulation of the amount of bacteria on their hands. did. These representatives also had exercise bikes that twirled the pedals while mixing smoothies at the same time.Cibitan was there to help with the demonstration. The Hempstead County Health Unit played a Jeopardy game with questions and answers about the dangers of e-cigarettes. During the youth session, the Women’s Committee of the Department of Agriculture displayed a life-size model of a cow and taught children the correct milking procedures.

Booths were spread throughout Hempstead Hall as so many health-related companies and organizations attended this community expo and came together to make valuable contributions in promoting healthy lifestyles. (A complete list of participating companies and organizations can be found below.) In addition to providing services, they all provide first aid kits, toys, pens, bags, cups, hand sanitizer, chopsticks, stickers, toothbrushes, etc. handed out gifts and prizes. , books, games, snacks and more. Corporal Justin Dean of the Hope Police Department handed out popsicles along with HPD safety pamphlets and other prizes. Child Care Aware allowed patrons to not only provide information about the organization, but also create their own fun toys. Arkansas Game & Fish and the US Army Corps of Engineers were also on site, handing out small trinkets while teaching participants important safety information. A lottery was held for visitors who visited each booth.

Alliance Co-Chair Deanna Gilbert (Hope Public Schools) said today’s expo is a great example of the group’s mission. “Our goal was to bring all these health elements together in one place that he could serve and learn from,” says Gilbert. “We wanted to make it a fun event for the community, to help people understand that being healthy is also fun,” said Co-Chair Deanna Allen (Kindred at Home). We will provide education for children, the elderly and all ages, empowering them to take control of their lives so that they can maintain their own health.”

As Hempstead Hall begins to empty at the end of the expo, guests will be treated to merchandise and I could see you leaving with a bag full of big smiles. A healthy lifestyle is fun and enjoyable!

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