Family swim in the ocean in honor of former coach

As people gear up for Saturday’s 35th Annual Swim Across the Sound, one family says they’re attending for someone special.

“Coach Megan, she was my coach from when I was about seven to 12 years old,” said Nathan Marcheszeski.

Nathan Marcheske, his brother Jackson and his father David all came from Southington to help others.

“She has been a huge help to me and like all my friends has made us better swimmers and people in our community.

“I think she’s proud of us. You know, she loved competitive swimming,” said Jackson Marchesky.

“It’s a great opportunity to help raise funds for a cancer assistance program in St. Vincent. It’s a legitimate cause and will really help a lot of people here in the Fairfield County area.

Malsheskes and dozens will be attending Swim Across the Sound on Saturday. Every stroke raises money for cancer patients.

People swim the sound from Port Jefferson in New York to Captain’s Cove in Bridgeport.

“It’s unlike any other swim event you know that I’ve attended or my sons have attended,” said David Marchescu.

Last year’s event raised about $250,000. Malsheskes wants more.

The first of three waves on Saturday will begin at 8:15 am in Port Jefferson, NY.

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