FanDuel records NY sports betting share in June

new york sports betting

FanDuel Sportsbook took the lead in mobile New York Sports betting reaches new heights, according to FridayThis is the report of

eight mobile New York reported sportsbook $265.6 million bet and $13.9 million weekend sports betting earnings June 19th.

FanDuel has been leading the wheel share since February and took 47% All money wagered in the last week that translates into a staggering profit share 89.1% about the period.

Where Have Other Mobile NY Sportsbooks Landed?

draft kings was the only other operator to post more $ 1,000,000 in weekly earnings. Three operators had negative revenues for this period.

deal Earnings possession tax
fan duel $124,900,488 $12,364,944 9.9% $6,306,121
draft kings $65,637,855 $1,081,359 1.6% $551,493
Caesars $38,190,994 ($962,043) -2.5% ($490,642)
Bet MGM $21,608,494 $351,661 1.6% $179,347
bet rivers $6,137,745 $329,340 5.4% $167,963
point bet $5,740,853 $773,238 13.5% $394,351
resort world bet $1,852,165 ($45,052) -2.4% ($22,977)
Winbet $1,571,145 ($21,807) -1.4% ($11,122)
total $265,639,739 $13,871,640 5.2% $7,074,536

of NBA Finals Finished June 16thThis means that all NBA future bets have been paid out during the period.

The coming weeks to talk about sports betting in NY

New York reports 11 A few more weeks of results from now to start NFL Bet seriously at the start of the league September 8.

That leaves plenty of time to analyze and critique these results. MLB Bet on four major sports.

Still, this period could affect tax expectations over the next few years if the market slows down significantly. PlayNY reported 2023 budget forecast for new york $615 million Although tax revenue from online NY sports betting, the figure is $454 million financially 2024.

Ballybet may miss another launch target

Back in February, Bally’s CEO Lee Fenton He said there was no reason to rush into the market with an “inferior product.”he expected ballybet 2.0 will launch in New York in the first half of this year, following Bally’s Chairman Kim Soo he said he expected April on sale.

The deadline for achieving that second goal arrives in just four days. His website for Bally Bet states that a launch is planned, but doesn’t provide any specifics.

“We’re in the Empire State, New York in a minute. Sign up now and we’ll let you know when we go live.”

A Bally’s spokesperson declined to answer questions about the release date. The brand is the only licensed mobile NY sportsbook yet to go public.

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