Festival-goers excited by post-pandemic crowds at Musikfest | Entertainment News

BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania – Crowds continue to fill the streets of Bethlehem in preparation for the music fest.

“There’s a lot of people, you can tell things are getting back to normal,” said Nicole Capuano from Bethlehem.

The pandemic has forced people everywhere to return to normal life, munching little by little to resume attending events.

“It was very depressing. Now I am very happy that things are back to normal. I can be in the crowd and enjoy the show,” said Capuano.

As the world slowly turned a corner, progress was made. People are now back on the streets of Bethlehem, filling their mugs and enjoying the festival food.

Brooke Spence of Bethlehem said: “Everyone is excited to get back to normal life.

The team behind the 11-day event says attendance at the event is on the rise.

ArtsQuest President and CEO Kassie Hilgert said:

Hilgart said the number of people returning to the event has increased from last year to this year. To be exact, he’s an 11% increase compared to last summer’s festival at this point.

“I think we were a little under 1.2 million last year, but I think we’re getting close to that soon,” Hilgert said.

We asked her if she thought she’d beat the number of people who visited the festival grounds last year.

“I’m superstitious. I wouldn’t say so, but I would say we’re very prone. We’ve had three days,” Hilgart said.

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