Florida HAF awards more than $277 million to state’s most vulnerable homeowners to prevent aggressive foreclosures of Florida households

~ Weekly updates of the Homeowners Assistance Fund,

the week of August 1st to August 5th ~

Tallahassee, Florida – Florida continues to lead the nation in effective administration of the Florida Homeowners Assistance Fund (HAF), which has provided relief to more than 9,900 homeowners totaling more than $277 million. More than $31 million has been given to Florida’s most vulnerable people this week alone. home owner. Through the effective administration of the HAF program, Florida has been able to stop active foreclosures against approved homeowners and keep Florida families at home.

“The data show that no state is managing the HAF better than Florida. Without our swift action to stand up and manage Florida’s HAF program, many Floridians could have lost their lives this summer. I would have lost my home.” Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) Secretary Dane Eagle said:“We are not slowing down now. The DEO team remains committed to keeping Floridians at home and until funding runs out, based on federal guidance, the state’s most vulnerable We will continue to expedite relief efforts for homeowners.”

Based on the funds allocated to Florida and the tremendous support for the people of Florida, the HAF program has already received more Tier 1 applications than the funds allocated to Florida. This is great news to use all available funds and maximize the number of Florida residents, but this means we may not be able to serve all applicants. Invited homeowners are encouraged to complete and submit their applications as soon as possible to ensure they receive their award before the HAF program funds run out.

For Florida homeowners with unmet needs, pay eligible individuals for utility bills and other homeowner expenses through the Community Services Block Grant, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, and Low Income Household Water Assistance Program. Other resources are available to help.

HAF Testimony August 5, 2022

Resources for Applicants

If a homeowner needs help completing an application, the Homeowners Assistance Fund Customer Assistance Center is available at 833-987-8997. All inquiries and questions by PM ET.

Additional resources are available at www.FLHomeownerAssistance.org.

Location of Customer Assistance Center

Florida homeowners who need help completing an application can continue to get help through the Florida HAF program at one of eight in-person customer assistance centers. The Customer Assistance Center allows homeowners to:

  • Upload the documents required for the application.
  • Complete and submit an application for relief through the Homeowners Assistance Fund.
  • Receive updates on the status of your submitted application.

Program updates for the week of August 1-5


  • A total of 9,902 homeowner applications have been approved by the DEO, and more than $277 million in prizes have been paid out to date.
    • 23,422 homeowners have been invited to apply, but have not yet started applying.
    • 18,132 applications have been initiated by homeowners but not filed.
    • 20,515 applications were submitted to the DEO by homeowners.


  • 77,001 eligible registrations were submitted.
    • 72,578 registrations are Tier 1 and all have sought redress.
    • 4,423 registrations are Tier 2.

Connect with the Community: Spread the word

DEO continues to connect with homeowners in the Florida community through the following outreach activities:

  • Over 655 outreach events were facilitated by:
  • 149 faith-based organizations.
  • 134 community-based organizations.
  • 189 local businesses.
  • 79 municipalities.
  • Additional outreach activities include:
  • Partnerships with university campus organizations focused on community awareness and action through educational, economic and cultural service activities.
  • Grassroots outreach activities such as high traffic conversations, information booths and speaking opportunities

A network of Florida Urban League affiliates serves 19 counties that represent two-thirds of Florida’s population.

Updating previous programs

  • On February 9, 2022, the DEO received Florida Homeowner Assistance Fund Needs Assessment and Plan approval from the U.S. Department of the Treasury (U.S. Treasury), providing eligible homeowners with the state’s HAF program. It was conducted. The Needs Assessment and Plan was submitted to the U.S. Department of the Treasury on August 20, 2021.
  • Before the state’s HAF Needs Assessment and Plan is approved, the DEO will utilize 10% of the allocated funds to launch the Homeowner Assistance Fund Pilot Program in November 2021, per guidance from the U.S. Department of the Treasury. did. Florida is one of her 12 states to actively launch her HAF pilot program while awaiting needs assessment and plan approval by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.
  • On February 28, 2022, the DEO commenced Phase 2 of the HAF Program by initiating enrollment of prospective applicants. Applicants who are determined to be eligible through the registration process will now receive an email with a unique application link to apply for assistance up to $50,000.
  • On June 24, 2022, the DEO achieved an important milestone. He has awarded over $100 million to help vulnerable homeowners in Florida.
  • On July 22, 2022, the DEO announced that more than $213 million in relief was given to Floridians through the state’s Homeowners Assistance Fund.
  • On July 30, 2022, the DEO will close registration and assist homeowners who have already completed registration or are currently applying for assistance through the program.

About HAF

Florida’s Homeowner Assistance Fund helps homeowners prevent mortgage delinquencies, defaults, foreclosures, and evictions, and provide home energy services, internet, property, and/or flood insurance to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Designed to alleviate the financial hardship associated with , property taxes, and homeowner or condo association fees. Eligible Florida homeowners can receive up to $50,000 in assistance.

About Deo

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity combines the state’s economic, workforce, and community development efforts to accelerate economic development projects, foster job creation in competitive communities, and promote economic resilience. . For more information, including valuable resources for employers and job seekers, visit www.FloridaJobs.org.


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