Food banks feeding students and families amid high food prices

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WBRC) – While inflation is starting to slow, food prices remain high, putting significant pressure on many budgets. That’s why local nonprofits are stepping up to help.

A community food bank in Central Alabama distributed 35,000 meals to children over the summer. Now that students are back in school, they and their families still need something.

“In the past we’ve run backpack programs and sent home meals with the kids, and it’s been amazing, but what we’ve found is that the kids I think they were sharing food with other families,” said Interim Executive Director Nicole Williams.

She wants the whole family to be fed this fall.

“Inflation and fuel prices are making it difficult to make ends meet, so I think there will be a lot of new families coming to see us and using our services,” Williams said.

One of these services is after-school lunches, which help students eat when they get home. Another program is called Family Market, which helps provide for students and their families.

“So these family markets take place at schools, and usually school administrators help us out. It’s kind of like a drive-thru, so when you come in the carpool line, if you want You can also pick up boxes of food,” Williams said.

She adds that 19 schools across five counties are implementing the program and the boxes can feed a family of four for seven to 10 days.

“We know Family Market served over 350,000 meals during the school year last year, so this is an important program,” she continued.

This is to protect the health of our students and their families even in difficult times.

Food banks are also struggling with rising food costs and are asking people for help.

If you would like to support a community food bank in Central Alabama, please click here to donate. Their website also has information for those who want to host a food drive.


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