Food pantries provide groceries to those in, sports, jobs

For over a decade, the Montgomery Food Pantry footprint has been helping people reach the table.

The name of the food pantry is “footprint” (The author of the poem is unknown). This poem tells the story of a man walking on the beach with Jesus Christ carrying him on his back during a difficult time in his life.

Currently, about 55 households use the pantry, and the number of users tends to increase in the winter.Footprint is always welcoming new clients

Twice a month, Footprints opens the door for food distribution. The pantry is open from 10 AM to 2 PM, 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM on the 2nd Thursday, and 10 AM on the 4th Thursday. Clients can choose to attend once or twice a month. The only requirement to be a client is that you reside in the Montgomery Area School District.

Footprints is housed in the former Levi Houston Company building at 71 Bower Street Extension.

The volunteers who run the pantry span multiple generations. The youngest volunteer she is a teenager and the oldest he is 80 years old. About 20 volunteers are needed to run the pantry successfully.

If Footprints has a distribution, it will not offer a pre-selected food assortment to its clients. Everyone can go inside and choose their favorite food item. In addition to food, we also have products that match the season. We now have addiction adult briefs and we have formula and baby food and diapers to help our infant clients.

The Birthday Bag Program is another service that helps clients. It started a few years ago with a troupe of Montgomery Girl Scouts led by Margie Mathis. Customers with children from 1 year old to her 18 years old can get a birthday bag full of party items to ensure your little one has a great birthday. Margie said each bag contains birthday gifts, party favors, cake tins, cake mixes, icing, candles, tablecloths, party plates and napkins, and balloons.

Some of the things volunteers do to help their clients include helping clients choose items and helping them carry food out of their cars.

Anyone interested in helping Footprints can do so by making a donation or by becoming a volunteer.their facebook page is “Footsteps of Montgomery” If you’d like to volunteer, reach out to Footprints via Facebook message or stop by during the handout. If anyone would like to donate to Footprints, please message her Facebook page or call (570) 337-7146.

Anyone wishing to become a Footprints of Montgomery client must select and distribute proof of residency within the Montgomery Area School District.

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