Food village construction underway near Orion Amphitheater

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama (WHNT) — At the city council meeting on Thursday, the city of Huntsville resolved an outstanding issue regarding the lease of land outside the Orion Amphitheater.

The city subleased a portion of the land between the North Box Office and Top Golf to Huntsville Venue Group Food & Beverage LLC to build additional dining options.

This area is called “Food Village” and includes an expanded infrastructure for food trucks and a building with various food options called “The Barn”.

City administrator John Hamilton said it’s important to keep the area clean and give food trucks designated places to plug in and turn on.

“We want to take them out of the generator and put them on fixed infrastructure,” Hamilton said.

The Food Village opens before, during and after the show at Orion, giving people a wide range of choices.

Hamilton said part of the idea was to provide a place for people to enjoy dinner and drinks before Orion opens on concert night. We want to be able to open independently to

“It could be an art show, a farmer’s market, or a small concert on multiple stages or something outside the building,” says Hamilton.

Hamilton said the city of Huntsville wants to foster small, tiny communities in the city.

“As you know, we’re obviously a big city and we’re kind of spread out, so we need smaller centers where people can live and enjoy being in a community.”

The city also plans to preserve and expand the woodlands behind and around the amphitheater. A park is under construction with nature trails and even a lagoon for kayaking.

“I would like to encourage people to go jogging and have picnics in the lagoon,” Hamilton said.

Sticking to a space theme, that part is called Apollo Park.The Orion Amphitheater opened in May 2022. A list of upcoming shows can be found here.

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