Foreclosed home owned by two dead villagers turned into jungle after years of neglect

A foreclosed house owned by a pair of dead villagers is turning into a jungle after years of neglect.

The house at 804 Bolivar Street in the village of Del Mar is owned by the Jean C. Hicks Trust and the Edith C. Dinan Trust. It was previously subject to the 2020 Public Hearings.

This home at 804 Bolivar St. in The Villages received complaints about overgrown grass, bushes and weeds in 2020.

The home was subject to another hearing Wednesday before the Village Center Community Development District Oversight Board at Savannah Center.

On June 23rd, a new complaint about overgrown bushes and shrubs was submitted to Community Standards.

Vegetation has taken over in this home at 804 Bolivar St.
The house at 804 Bolivar Street is overgrown with vegetation. This photo was taken earlier this week.

Community Standards contacted the mortgage company and was told the property would be kept. However, a recent inspection confirmed that no maintenance had been done.

The board has given seven days for assets to become compliant. Violations will result in a $150 fine followed by a $50 fine per day.

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