Foreclosed homes continue to rise in Maine, but the percentage of vacant homes is declining

Maine’s rate of zombie foreclosures, which are vacant homes before foreclosures, has been on a downward trend since last year, bucking a national upward trend after the moratorium on foreclosures was lifted a year ago.

That means there are fewer vacant and poorly maintained homes in areas where house prices continue to rise.

Over the past year, the number of pre-foreclosures has increased, but the percentage of vacant homes has decreased. In the third quarter of this year, about 5.59% of his 1,289 properties in Maine before foreclosures, or 72 units, were vacant. A report released on Thursday by ATTOM Data Solutions showed a drop of about 0.5% from 6.13% (59) of 953 pre-foreclosure homes during the same period last year.

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