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Lawrence, Kansas: Advocates for Justice Paralegal School has announced a new, non-traditional foreclosure defense program, the Foreclosure Defense Litigation DIY Online Course. The Foreclosure Defense Litigation DIY Online Course is designed for real estate investors, paralegal entrepreneurs, and serious homeowners who are ready to stop foreclosures without hiring a lawyer.

The online course is hosted at and is half price (1200.00) for August 2022. The course curriculum consists of video lectures, pdfs, banker’s secrecy manuals, access to litigation, and other legal documents necessary for administration. 360-Law training YouTube videos, live streams every Saturday at 9pm, webinar training, group coaching on his Facebook page for the group.

Now you can stop the accused. This revolutionary approach may be the most significant foreclosure defense breakthrough ever discovered. Now you can stop the foreclosure without a lawyer and without wiping out your bank account.

You can see all the great reviews on my website at 1-25-22- This review comes from Venus. “I filed a case from state court with an affidavit of state citizenship and an affidavit of special appearance. The judge did not allow me to speak. Told me I was free to go. Judge said lawyers had to restart the eviction process. Now I was given time to move to federal court. was in tears!!! I can stay at my house!!! Thank you my coach!!!”

Foreclosure Lawsuit DIY – Online Course product features and benefits include:

• Stop foreclosures without lawyers.

• Filing federal lawsuits against parties who signed up to initiate an illegal seizure process.

• Strategies for holding judges accountable.

• Easy to fill out legal documents.

• Group coaching

Justice Foreclosure Defense Litigation Advocate DIY- Online Course available starting at half price August 2022 at $1,200.00.

For more information about advocates of the Justice Foreclosure Lawsuit DIY Online Course, visit

Justice Paralegal School Advocate:

Guy Neighbors says being violated by a BAR member made him obsessed with learning loopholes in the legal system. He created his DIY online course in unconventional foreclosure defense litigation. This could be the most powerful foreclosure defense program ever devised. Neighbors say this course will change your life!

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