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L6438 Notice of Foreclosure of Mortgage Mortgage Mortgage Mortgage Mortgage Mortgage Mortgage Mortgage Mortgage Mortgage Mortgage Mortgage Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. DEFAULT Liberty Mortgage Corporation DBA BB&T Mortgage Wholesale Corporation on January 31, 2008, mortgagee as successor and assignee. This mortgage is recorded on February 11, 2008 in Book 3537, page 55, Lee County Probate Judge’s Office, Lee County, Alabama. This mortgage was finally sold, transferred, and transferred to the US Bank Trust National Association. Not by separate entitlement, but exclusively by assignment recorded in Lee’s probate court in Deed Book 4868, Page 672 as owner-trustee of his VRMTG Asset Trust. Alabama. The undersigned, his US Bank Trust National Association, solely as owner trustee of the VRMTG Asset Trust and not in its personal capacity, under the right of sale contained in the mortgage above, by its authority: Selling for cash to the highest bidder due to public protest. On September 23, 2022 during statutory sales hours (11:00 AM to 4:00 PM), Wit will open the following property in Lee County, Alabama at the front door of the Lee County, Alabama Courthouse. From the iron pin Heath Place subdivision in Lee County, Alabama North 18th East 29th 32nd, marking the intersection between Lot 15 of Heath Place Subdivision, which is the northwest corner of Lot 14, or the southwest corner of Lot 15 , then drive north 86°54’05” east for a distance of 929.76 feet to the iron tweezers on the west road line of 466 Lee Road (on the right side of the road at 60 feet). , then run north 03°00’00” west along the right hand line of Lee Road 466 for a distance of 200.55 feet to Iron Pinset, then run south 86°56’25” west for 256.73 feet The iron tweezers are reached at a distance of which iron tweezers mark the true starting point of the property described here, 87 degrees 01 minutes 15 seconds south of that true starting point and 518.03 feet west of that true starting point. Run the distance to the iron tweezers, then run 03 degrees north 21 minutes 56 seconds west for a distance of 396.46 feet to the iron tweezers, then run north 87 degrees 00 minutes 00 seconds east for a distance of 465.21 feet. to the iron tweezers and from there running 10 degrees 54 minutes 21 seconds east to the true starting point is 402.46 feet. The land is specifically described as Parcel C, which includes 4.50 acres, and is labeled “Replat for-Steve Sapp, Parcels 15, 16 & 17, The Heath Place, and there is the Section 32, Township 18 North, Range 29. on a specific map or parcel titled . East Lee County, Alabama”. Common with owners of adjacent Parcel B for access to and from Parcel C and 466 Lee Road, and utilities from Parcel C to 466 Lee Road. The property is commonly known as 466 200 Lee Road, Phoenix City, Alabama 36870. In the event of a conflict between the property address and the legal description, the legal description will control. The above assets are subject to all unpaid ad valorem taxes (including unpaid taxes that are liens but not yet due), tax authority recourse rights, and all outstanding payables to public utilities that constitute liens on assets. sold subject to a lien on Accurate investigation and inspection of the property may reveal, valuations, liens, mortgages, easements, right of way, zoning ordinances, restrictions, special valuations, covenants, statutory recourse under Alabama law, and record items including, but not limited to, those above the mortgage. THE PROPERTY ABOVE IS SOLD “AS IS” WITHOUT REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES OR REMEDIES TO THE NAMES OR SIGNATURES ABOVE ABOVE. Winning bidders must present Qualified Funds for the winning bid at the time of sale and at the point of sale. Alabama law gives some persons with an interest in the property the right to redeem the property under certain circumstances. There may also be programs that help a person avoid or delay the foreclosure process. As part of the foreclosure process, you should consult an attorney to understand these rights and programs. The sale is subject to (1) confirmation that the sale is not prohibited by US bankruptcy law and (2) a final confirmation and audit of the status of the loan with the mortgage holder. US BANK TRUST NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, ONLY IN ITS INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY AND AS OWNER OF HIS VRMTG ASSET TRUST AS THE OWNER OF SUCH PERCENTAGE ONLY 7171 [email protected], File No. 22-03029AL Opelika-Auburn News 08/26/2022,09/02/2022,09/09/2022

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