Former Margate Firefighter Tried For Health Fraud Scheme Made Over $93,000 In Commissions, Brother Testifies | Crime

CAMDEN — The brother of the former Margate firefighter, who is on trial for his role in a multimillion-dollar state health care fraud scheme, told a federal jury on Tuesday to force patients to fill out prescriptions for compound drugs and prevent them from His business of profiting from his health insurance was legal, but he later realized that “he had gone down a rabbit hole.”

Brother Thomas Shah, who is on trial, sat by a lawyer while brother Michael told jurors that they recruited Thomas into a scheme that authorities said had spent $50 million on the government’s medical program. 45-year-old Michael Sher pleaded guilty to facilitating state health plan fraud in 2018.

On Tuesday, as part of his plea bargain, he was asked by prosecutors to testify against Thomas Sher. Said he would help

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According to authorities, the scheme, which occurred between July 2014 and April 2016, involved recruiters, subordinates called “sub-recruiters,” and at least two out-of-state pharmacies conspiring to take down New Jersey’s health insurance plans. I was trying to trick you.

Thomas Sher is on trial in federal court in Camden before U.S. District Judge Robert Kugler, the prosecutor’s office, a former Margate firefighter and Northfield resident, who is a former Margate firefighter and has state health insurance. It alleges through testimony and prescription forms that it forced unnecessary compound supplements and creams on those who subscribed to it.

In turn, he made money based on prescriptions filled out by Margate’s doctor, Dr. John Gaffney. Gaffney will obtain the form through William Hickman, a local drug salesman who pleaded guilty to his role. rice field.

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From March to December 2015 alone, Thomas Sher received more than $93,000 in commissions, his brother testified.

As part of the arrangement, Michael Sher said he would receive 30% of the cost of prescriptions from Hickman. He then gave half of the money to his brother Thomas, Michael Sher testified.

Michael Sher, also a former Margate firefighter, told jurors that he worked as a recruiter, while his brother was a sub-recruiter.

Michael Sher testified that Hickman first approached him to join the venture in a private meeting.

As on Monday, several prescription recipients testified for prosecution on Tuesday, with juror Thomas Shah touting the drug as beneficial to their health, including being beneficial for weight loss. said.

Michael Sher also told jurors about Gaffney’s role.

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Sher said he and Hickman had discussed caring for Gaffney, who has a growing role in issuing prescriptions. Hickman felt Gaffney needed to be “taken care of” to further the scheme, Michael Sher said.

Initially, a gift bottle of wine was suggested, but Hickman insisted the doctor should have been given more, instructing Michael Sher to “slip” about $10,000 at a dinner party in December 2015. Michael Sher testified.

Michael Sher never told Thomas Sher about Gaffney’s payment.

Gaffney told jurors on Monday that he approved about 220 prescriptions often provided by Hickman and Matthew Tedesco.

Thomas Shah’s attorney, Joseph Grimes, disputes that his client took part in the operation to conduct legitimate business.

In his opening arguments last Wednesday, Grimes showed jurors that Thomas Shah offered only metabolic supplements and other specialty formulas he knew from his fitness venture as a means of improving people’s health. He said he was going to

The trial will resume Wednesday in federal court.

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