Former Norwalk civil servant charged with murder posts bail, released from custody

Ellen Wink, a former Norwalk city official accused of killing a tenant in an eviction dispute, will be released from custody and placed under house arrest after a virtual hearing on Wednesday.

Wink has been in York Correctional Facility for over seven months and has failed to pay the $2.5 million bond.
Wink’s attorney, Stephen Seeger, had previously argued to reduce that amount, but was denied. asked to approve.

“Miss Wink had to sell her property to generate those funds and put those funds in trust. It’s done,” Seeger said at the hearing.

The state objected to calls calling the wink a threat to the public.

She was charged with murdering Kurt Rametta on January 20 in a property she owned at 16 Nelson Avenue, which Lametta rented. According to court documents, Wink told Norwalk police that he shot her Lametta several times after he approached her. But superintendent attorney Michelle Manning said the “raw” video evidence contradicts this being self-defense. Using her mobile phone, Lametta secretly recorded her fatal encounter with her landlord.

“If your honor allows her to pay 10% bail, important non-monetary conditions including house arrest, GPS, IPS, and everything you can think of to protect your community from Miss Wink. I demand the release of the state considers him to be a very dangerous individual,” Manning said.

The judge granted the defense’s motion, but considered all state conditions, including GPS surveillance. Seeger said at the hearing that Wink would live in the house where the fatal shooting occurred. You are allowed to go out only for

White warned, “If there is anything wrong with adhering to the terms of her release, I will not condone it. It will probably strengthen her bond and put her back together.” I’m going to have a short string, so to speak.”

Wink is scheduled to be transferred to Stanford Court on Friday, where he will post bail and wear an ankle bracelet.

Wink and Lametta had a controversial relationship after Lametta allegedly stopped paying her rent in September 2020. In September 2021, Wink was arrested on suspicion of locking Lametta out of the house and dumping all of her belongings in a dump. That case is still pending and sealed.

Wink was the Republican Deputy Registrar when Norwalk was arrested. She was fired after being charged with murder.

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