Former Suffolk Officer Faces Former State Senator in Newly Reformed Senate 4th Democratic Primary

A former Suffolk police officer faces off against a former state senator in the Democratic primary for Suffolk County’s newly reorganized 4th Senate district.

Phil Ramos says he comes from a humble background, loves skateboarding, and became a police officer in Suffolk County after graduating from Brentwood High School.

He says he has served his community as an MP for the past 20 years.

He says he secured $2 million for a polluted Clemente Park water park and $14 million for Brentwood State Park.

“So I’m setting aside state money to fix a lot of these issues,” Ramos says. “I voted for gun control, investing in our local downtowns, and putting people ahead of politics.”

His opponent, Monica Martinez, was elected to the 3rd District State Senate in 2018 and will serve until 2020.

She says she feels the newly affiliated district’s 300,000-person community is underestimated.

Martinez says she wants to make sure women are protected in New York State, schools are adequately funded, and waterways and the environment are protected.

“I have delivered in the past, and I will deliver again,” says Martinez.

The newly reorganized District 4 is 70% Latino.

Some residents believe that the two candidates are both great people and should work together rather than separately.

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