Fotis Dulos’ friend’s phone seized at Newark airport during federal investigation

According to court documents, Fotis Dulos’ friend’s cell phone was seized at Newark airport during a federal investigation by the Department of Homeland Security related to the disappearance of New Canaan’s mother, Jennifer Dulos.

Jennifer went missing when she was last seen taking her children to school in 2019.

Her estranged husband Fortis Duros and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis were almost immediately named as suspects in Jennifer’s disappearance, and Fortis was eventually charged with her murder. .

Trokonis was charged with conspiracy to murder, tampering with evidence and obstructing prosecution.

Fotis committed suicide in 2020, just weeks after being charged with murdering his estranged wife.

At Troconis’ latest pretrial hearing last week, her lawyer told the judge that state prosecutors helped Andreas Tutziaridis, a friend of Fotis-Duros, create an alibi for his wife’s disappearance. It said it had given him documents from the investigation that the enforcement agency suspected.

Court documents show that federal investigators wanted to search Tutsiaridis’ cell phone and that investigators found it at Newark Airport in New Jersey a month after Jennifer went missing in 2019. It is detailed that it was seized.

Court documents reveal that Toutziaridis flew in from Greece to stay with Fotis at their Farmington home. when he was stopped by authorities who confiscated his mobile phone.

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