Founder of Fashion PR Ah-Niyah Gold

Outstanding Quote: “I really didn’t wake up with the idea or mindset of starting my own thing…[But] seemed ok. I am here, I am passionate, I am happy. And this is definitely the lane I want to stay in. And if I’m going to keep doing PR, it has to look like this. And through those ideals, that’s how I started growing . ”

Bio: Ah-Niyah Gold is the founder and CEO of PR firm A Gold Consulting. Self-proclaimed fashion PR Olivia Pope also serves as her director of communications for Black Fashion Fair, a collective dedicated to the discovery and success of black-owned fashion brands.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Early start: “I did my first internship when I was 17. I knew I wanted to work in fashion, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. so [used to be] Being a child actor, I already had an established working mindset that most people don’t. [at that age]I ended up at Factory PR, where I worked with Brittney Escovedo, the successful owner of Beyond 8, where I first scored a true star in the fashion world…and I spent four years with her on production and customer relations. was in charge of

Do her own thing: “I had no plans at all to start my own company. He approached me and said, ‘I have this product I’m working on, and I’d love for you to launch it with me.’ And the moment I saw that deck, it was like a dream come true. [Thanks to the success of that project], people were like, ‘Oh my God, I want to work with you.Or, “I want to hire you. What is your company’s name? And I [was] Like, “Oh my god, I don’t have a name.”

Business Difficulties: “I think it’s another aspect of running a company that a lot of people don’t discuss. This was one of my biggest challenges, and I still face it every day because I don’t want to say I know 100%, but I don’t. But I think it definitely made me more balanced. We have to make sure our business is running properly.”

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I do the work: “Things that can make a difference [and] Great to see brands and teams grow and achieve great things [to me]Four of my clients are on the New York Fashion Week roster. And that’s a big deal for them. But seeing them there is also a big thing for me. Because it’s not as easy as it looks!you have to go through [whole] Flow until you get on the calendar.Those are the little big wins that accumulate and help them get the recognition they deserve. [the advancement] Black people, especially the fashion what is it really [going to work] Every day means something to me.

Her daily life: “I mostly work with emerging brands. [the work] Just to make sure things are on track. And not just directly to the designer, but also to the team.yes [there’s] Make sure everything is going according to plan and check on everyone.after that [I also handle] Resolving issues such as funding and manufacturing issues. It’s like contacting a colleague to see how a client’s problem can be resolved. ”

Finding balance: “Literally in the last few weeks, I feel like I’ve finally figured out what a healthy work-life balance means for me. This is crazy. In my mind, I’m like, ‘I I have to keep going.” We have to keep pushing.I realized I was pushing myself and not taking a break [or] You can’t be your best self if you have moments for yourself.To do your best, you have to know when to cut things off [and] When are you going to shut down?”—MW

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