Four families displaced by Twin Parks fire remain without permanent home after eight months

Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson today provided an update on the recovery efforts for the Twin Parks fire.

It’s been eight months since the fire that claimed 17 lives and displaced dozens of families. Gibson said two-thirds of his 150 families living in the building had been evicted.

As of today, four families have lost their permanent homes as a result of the fire. Gibson says his family of two of them will be installed soon.

“I don’t want the deaths of my 17 neighbors to go to waste. I want to turn pain into purpose,” Gibson said.

Two other displaced families have been guaranteed hotel stays until September 21.

Gibson said the hardest part of the recovery effort was finding large apartments with space to house the displaced families, and this will be the impetus for standardizing procedures for these kinds of disasters in the future. It has become.

Renovation work has begun on the third floor of the Twin Parks Building, where the fire broke out.

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