Frankenstein Massachusetts Sports Betting Bill Appears in Senate

MA Sports Betting

of Massachusetts Senate Finally, Join Legal MA Sports Betting Thursday After about 10 months of inaction.

Until then, senators 5 pm submit an amendment on Tuesday H3993was favorably accepted way and means Committee last Friday.

H 3993 is the law passed by the House of Representatives last year to legalize sports betting in Massachusetts. But given some changes in the Senate, it may be difficult for the two sides to find common ground.

Massachusetts Senate Sports Betting Details

Amended H 3993, using the text of the Senate Amendment S2844, It’s a big change from what the House has approved.

There are three major differences between the two sports betting laws.

  • The Senate version does not allow betting on college sports. Speaker of the House Ron Mariano Last year, the college bet said it wouldn’t be a potential deal-breaker, but didn’t respond LSR Comment on the Senate’s proposal.
  • Under the Senate proposal, taxes would be much higher. 35% for mobile and 20% For retail without promotional is compared 15% When 12.5%respectively, under the House proposal to allow promotional deductions.
  • The Senate version has fewer total licenses and fewer licenses running in the casino. The Senate bill calls for nine mobile and retail licenses, three for casinos and the rest for competitive bidding.

Are there strict advertising regulations?

of Massachusetts Gaming Commission It would adopt rules that could ban many standard advertising practices found elsewhere in US sports betting.

Listed among those that must be banned by the committee that are not found in the House edition.

  • Any form of advertising or branding that may interfere with a viewer’s ability to see, hear, or “experience otherwise” the sporting event.
  • Advertising or marketing with certain promotional items as determined by the commission increases the likelihood of problem gambling. This may include giveaways, coupons and promotional credits.
  • Advertising on television during a live sporting event, including the five minutes before and after the event. In particular, this section says “to the extent practicable”.
  • Advertising on at least television, radio, or the internet 85% You are reasonably expected to be over the age of 21 in the market. That section also says “to the extent practicable”.

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