From Editorial Intern to New Jersey Healthcare Reporter: Daniel Han- POLITICO

Daniel Han

Daniel Han

Daniel Hann joined the New Jersey bureau last year as an editorial intern before turning to healthcare reporter. Below, Daniel reflects on his time as an intern and offers advice to interested candidates.

I joined POLITICO in January 2021 as an intern at the New Jersey bureau. With gubernatorial elections fast approaching, New Jersey finalizing cannabis legalization, state continues its ongoing response to pandemic, early-stage vaccine distribution and Covid restrictions are gradually lifting It was done.

Over the months, my colleagues at the Bureau have guided me through the maze of New Jersey politics and policy. I saw firsthand how our small team regularly reports articles that make POLITICO a must-read in Trenton. They quickly taught me how to report in his POLITICO style. Provides stimulus checks for state illegal immigration.

One of the biggest parts of the job was traveling the state to cover New Jersey’s colorful politics. In his 11 months as an intern, he reported in 14 of her 21 counties in New Jersey. I track legislation from the Legislature. I took the lead role in covering the final Governor’s Debate and submitted to a tight deadline from the Spinroom. Before he knew it, Phil was at his party on Governor Murphy’s election night, two nights in a row.

After completing my internship, I was offered a full-time position at the agency as a healthcare reporter. I knew I would be working with the best reporter in the state, so I accepted. My advice to interns is to read the news with enthusiasm and diligence. Prior to joining POLITICO New Jersey, I read his New Jersey Playbook newsletter daily, which provides information on how the state works. I look forward to learning something new about New Jersey every day. I couldn’t think of a better team of reporters and editors to work with.

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