From evil to evil in a global sweatshop of fast fashion

From evil to evil in a global sweatshop of fast fashion

calendar Desk calendar icon.

Cancel A circle icon with a diagonal line on its side.

Caret Rightwards block arrow icon.

e-mail Paper envelope icon.

Facebook Facebook’s “f” mark icon.

Google Google’s “G” mark icon.

link in Linked In’s “in” icon.

logout An icon representing logout.

profile An icon resembling a human head and shoulders.

phone Traditional telephone receiver icon.

tick tick icon.

is published Human eye and lashes icon.

private Human eye and eyelashes icon with diagonal lines running through it.

pause icon A two-line pause icon to stop the interaction.

Quotation marks Opening quotation mark.

Quotation marks closing quotation mark.

arrow arrow icon.

folder Paper folder icon.

preliminary report Exclamation point icon on a circular background.

camera Digital camera icon.

Caret Caret arrow icon.

clock Clock face icon.

near X shaped icon.

close icon Icons used to represent where you interact to collapse or collapse a component

ellipsis Icon of three dots in a row.

envelope Paper envelope icon.

Facebook Facebook f logo icon.

camera Digital camera icon.

House house icon.

Instagram Instagram logo icon.

LinkedIn LinkedIn logo icon.

magnifying glass magnifying glass icon.

search icon A magnifying glass icon representing the search function.

Next The icon with an arrow pointing to the right.

news An explanatory mark in the center of the circle.

Previous The left arrow icon.

evaluation star icon.

tag tag icon.

twitter Twitter logo icon.

Video camera An icon in the shape of a video camera.

speech bubble icon icon that displays a speech bubble

whats up WhatsApp logo icon.

information Information logo icon.

plus Mathematical “plus” sign.

interval An icon that indicates the time.

Successful Green tick icon.

Success tick timeout Grayed out success scale icon.

Loading Spinner The loading spinner icon.

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