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GCash partners with leading entertainment content platforms such as Spotify, Netflix, Viu, and Apple to ensure every Filipino has access to the most streamed content. The most convenient payment option on various streaming platforms, his GCash allows everyone to finally enjoy their favorite shows, artists, songs and movies around the world, even if they don’t have a credit card. I can do it.

Most subscription plans were previously available via credit card or direct billing, but only a select few offer access to a wide variety of entertainment content. But with the availability of GCash as a payment method for entertainment subscriptions, it’s easier than ever to find trending series and movies, discover new songs, and listen to the latest podcasts. .

To bring this entertainment experience to life, GCash partnered with Indie Manila to deliver an outstanding live music experience on #GToChill: A Night to Unwind. The content creator and his GCash users will be hosted by longtime GCash content creator Joao Constancia, enjoying unlimited drinks and food while enjoying live music by his country’s up-and-coming Spotify artists enjoyed.

Dia maté opened the night with her songs Faded and Fantasy, while singer-songwriter Elise Huang lulled the crowd with a live performance of Lonely, Blind and Call Me What You Want. Rising indie pop icon Fern. captivated audiences with renditions of Whatever This Is, Faith and Lost. Rounding out the night is One Click Straight, with hits Velvet, Paraiso, See and their latest single Haha Yaan.

Elise Huang delivers her best hits after dia maté opens #GtoChill

Fern. He serenaded the audience with his top songs on Spotify and closed the show with One Click Straight.

To level up their #GToChill experience, lucky winners from the cloud were also given vouchers from partners like Spotify, Viu, Boozy, FoodPanda, Google, Apple and Gong Cha.

Lucky guests took home vouchers from GCash partners during the raffle

Joao shares the stage with Zo Canaria, GCash’s head of growth marketing for e-commerce usage

Fight FOMO with GCash

For GCash users who missed the fun, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the #GToChill experience. GCash and Indie Manila have partnered with Tomorrow Label and Strange Mercy to create limited-edition merchandise that you can wear during #GToChill wherever you are. The totes and t-shirts can be ordered from Indie Manila’s website (https://indiemanila.live/) and Tomorrow Label’s website (https://tomorrowlabel.com/) and can be checked out at GCash.

Exclusive #GtoChill merchandise available online from GCash

Want to check out new releases or expand your musical discovery? With Spotify Premium, you can enjoy your music to the fullest. Listen to music ad-free, play your favorite songs on your phone, and skip unlimited. GCash is a secure, hassle-free payment method for Spotify Premium that eliminates the need to use a debit or credit card to play your favorite songs or discover new songs.

Besides music, GCash can also be used to pay for entertainment streaming platforms. You can now pay for your subscription with GCash on your favorite streaming platforms like Netflix starting from PHP 149, so you never miss out on the latest series, K-dramas and online movies.

Ordering food while bingeing on a long-awaited series, or updating your fashion inventory for your next gig, is made more convenient and rewarding because you can use GCash to pay for almost everything. GCash is available in-store and online at over 139,000 merchants, making shopping more convenient and saving you even more with exclusive promotions and flash deals GCash offers.

Get ready to discover bigger things with GCash Jr., the first e-wallet.

Now even kids and teens can have the opportunity to start their digital financial journey. Ready, Set, G with GCash Jr. It’s time to finally achieve financial freedom, so pay with GCash for easy access to watch your favorite shows and listen to music non-stop It also means to become

Whatever your style of play, wherever you want to chill, you can always be #GToChill with GCash, available on the App Store and Google Play. Download now and become #GToChill with #PayWithGCash – no credit card required!

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