G1 knock eUnited out of HCS NA Super with dominance to secure top four

Championship Sunday at HCS NA Super continues to mark a major shift in the North American pecking order as Gamers First dominated eUnited 3-0 in the Losers Bracket Quarterfinals to secure the top four of the tournament.

Rise of G1 Halo Infinite‘s competitive scene has been a hot topic since the roster acquired former FaZe Clan star Bubu Dubu in June. Since then, he’s won two different weeks of the HCS Open series, and according to predictions from both analysts and fans, G1 made a big impact at NA Super this weekend. However, a thorough demolition of former Grand Finals rivals eUnited showed that G1 was aiming even higher for Worlds.

Game 1’s King of the Hill served as a mission statement for that goal as G1 quickly extended their lead against eUnited minutes into the game. Control of the power weapon was firmly in the hands of his G1 and Bubudubu, allowing the team to push aggressively into teamfights and ensure an edge. His Bubu Dubu, who consistently owned the Stalker Rifle, Bulldog and Rocket Launcher, topped the leaderboard and his team took his 4-1 win with his 20 kills and his 13.3 KDA. I was. The stats end screen also revealed another strength of G1. Three players recorded his double-digit assists as evidence of teamwork and support systems in one game.

The teamwork structure that served G1 so well in Game 1 translated completely into Games 2 and 3. Aquarius Slayer appeared confidently held in the hands of his G1 after the initial struggle for control. A flawless execution on the G1 side meant eUnited had little chance to regain momentum, and what started as a 2 kill swing in favor of G1 at the 17 kill mark grew to a 12 kill advantage by 34・Kill mark. Manny was the main victim of G1’s blockade, amassing only five kills with 13 dead by the end of the match. It tells you that you are in control.

If they needed a chance for a reverse sweep, eUnited had to go big with Oddball on Recharge in Game 3. The urgency of their predicament gave him a much-needed boost at first, and he took a significant lead over G1 in the first round. With three minutes left on the in-game clock, eUnited had a comfortable 70-14 lead. However, as evidenced in Game 2, G1 made no mistake after finally beating eUnited’s setup on Hydro. G1 bit by bit he took the lead over eUnited with a solid setup from Pipes.

Stealing what looked like eUnited in round 1, in round 2 eUnited were relatively deflated and G1 made the most of it to win game 3 without losing a single round. G1’s Swish delivered an outstanding kill performance to secure victory for his team, with him inflicting over 1,000 more damage than any other player and overall he scored 27 kills. His G1 strength throughout the series was the consistency of all four players, but he was more than capable of handling the spotlight when one needed to step up.

G1 will face Cloud9 for a top 3 chance. With the momentum and confidence they got from their set with eUnited, the non-affiliated teams are more likely to cause major upsets and plunge deep into the Super.

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