Gambling in New Jersey: It’s Not Just Ocean City

Outside of Nevada, New Jersey, especially Atlantic City, has long been considered a major gambling hub in the United States. The Garden State has a long history of gambling, and unlike many other parts of the United States, gambling here was mostly legal and unregulated throughout his 19th century.

After a period of intolerance in the first half of the 20th century, gambling has seen a resurgence since the 1950s, with lotteries, bingo and racetrack gambling all re-legalized. Casinos he legalized in 1976, but the rules said they could only be based in Atlantic City.

The result was a boom that lasted well into the 2000s, with Atlantic City dominating East Coast gambling.

The emergence of other gambling centers in Maryland and Delaware, combined with the economic recession of the late 2000s, led to the decline of Atlantic City’s gambling industry, but the city still has nine casinos and many more. doing business.

But gambling in New Jersey isn’t limited to Atlantic City. Whether you are interested in casino gaming, sports betting, or betting on racehorses, opportunities abound.

go to the racetrack

New Jersey is home to some of the oldest racetracks in the United States. Sadly, Atlantic City Racecourse and Garden State Park Racecourse closed in his 1940s, but Freehold Racecourse and Monmouth Park Racecourse have both remained in operation since his 1870s.

The Meadowlands Racecourse in East Rutherford, which opened in 1976, is also a popular destination for horse racing fans.

Since 1894, all gambling, including on racetracks, has been theoretically illegal in New Jersey, but on-course betting was re-legalized in 1939 and has been since.

As in the rest of the United States, betting on racetracks has traditionally been done through a pari-mutuel system where all bets are pooled and winnings are paid out of the pool proportionally. However, in August 2021, New Jersey legalized horse betting at fixed odds, becoming the first state in the United States to do so.

Of course, if you can’t make it to the racetrack, there are other ways to bet on horses. In March 2007, the first Off Track His Betting Hall (OTB) opened in Vineland, and since then he has opened four more sites, offering horse racing fans the opportunity to bet on all the latest action. I’m here.

face-to-face sportsbook

New Jersey and sports betting are forever intertwined in the history books, not just because the state boasts the second largest sports betting market after Nevada.

New Jersey has spearheaded the battle to legalize sports betting, and has been the driving force behind lawsuits that have gone all the way to the Supreme Court, culminating in May 2018 when the PASPA Act of 1992 was overturned. did. The road to sports betting legalized across the United States.

The state launched legal sports betting in the same year and has since been at the forefront of the sports betting revolution, becoming the first to record over $1 billion in sports betting transactions in a single month in September 2021. became a state. Again in October and November.

New Jersey sports betting is offered through both retailers and online operators. For those who like to bet directly, there are 12 stores across the state, most of which are based in Atlantic City.

All nine of the city’s casinos are affiliated with sportsbook operators, and elsewhere in the state, each of the three racetracks has a sportsbook retail facility, and sports are available at many locations, including sporting events. Gambling is actively promoted.

And while it is still illegal for sports centers to engage in sports betting in New Jersey, the Prudential Center, home of the New Jersey Devils, has launched a sports lounge with comprehensive coverage of live sports, betting advice and betting opportunities. Announced. Bet via mobile app.

go online

The online sector has seen the biggest growth in New Jersey gambling. Online sports betting has driven the dramatic expansion seen since the summer of 2018.

For example, when the state’s sports betting department recorded $1.3 billion in processing volumes in October 2021, a staggering $1.2 billion of that total was generated by online sports betting operators.

Online casino games have also continued to grow rapidly, with handle counts up more than 35% across the state in the first three quarters of 2021, underlining what is a sizeable market for online casinos in New Jersey. I’m here.

Several factors have spurred this rapid growth, but the intensity of competition in the state’s gambling sector and the crossover between online and retail gambling and casino games and sports betting have also contributed to increasing interest. It was helpful.

Many operators offer all kinds of iGaming to their customers. By the end of 2021, a total of 22 operators offered online casino games and 24 operators offered sports betting platforms. Many operators offer both.

This growth and depth of competition has led to the development of one of the most sophisticated online gaming sectors in the United States. High demand from neighboring New York residents, more competitive prices than ever, a tremendous range of features, betting types, and promotions are all there. Intriguing.

Earlier this year, New Jersey was the US leader in the growth of sports betting and online gambling, and will maintain this position through 2022 and beyond.

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