Gaurav-Ritu Taneja and Aashna Hegde become the first Indian content creators to make their runway debut at New York Fashion Week

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Sept. 9 (ANI/NewsVoir): Having caused a major coup in her country’s content creator community and honoring the Indian couturier, Archana Kochhar has become a major Indian native as her fashion showstopper at New York Fashion Week. Engaged social media influencers. Her Delhi-based husband and wife duo, Flying Her Beast famed Gaura Hutaneja and Rithura Seethaneja, are a Mumbai-based lifestyle influencer Ashna with her Hedges on the New York Fashion Week ramp. A global platform that walks.

This creative fusion marks not only the debut of these Indian digital influencers at an international fashion week, but also the first appearance of an Indian social media influencer on the historic runway of New York Fashion Week. There is also. Another American social media influencer shows that she stopped by New York Fashion Week Isabella Barrett.

Kochhar’s New York Fashion Week showcase will be held on September 11, 2022 at the Hall of Mirrors in collaboration with The SOCIETY. Coacher, who invited film actress Sunny Leone and acid attack survivor Reshma Qureshi to her New York Fashion Week show for the first time, is the only fashion designer hand-picked from India and started by Hong. We support the Make in India campaign. In 2014 India’s Bure Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, was at both of these prestigious Fashion Weeks this year.

Gaurav Taneja and Ritu Rathee Taneja of Flying Beast said: A community that represents India on the world stage. It is so heartwarming to see such a wonderful reception. This association truly shows the emergence of the content creator community in recent times. We hope to pave the way for many more.Influencer community in India. ” said Aashna Hegde. A fashion persona on the global stage.It is a great honor to represent the Indian fashion community on such a global stage and help harness the cause of sustainability.”

Archana Kochhar says: Like actors, musicians, and sports stars, they too have garnered legions of admirers as models for her role.Each of these content her creators have promoted and promoted local vocal causes on the world stage. I am really excited about this partnership. ‘ Kochhar presents the ‘Jharokha’ collection, which emphasizes the importance of sustainability in fashion. The showcase is a fusion of traditionally handwoven fabrics and distinctive Western silhouettes, boasting vibrant colors and abstract designs. The collection is primarily focused on low carbon handcrafted and locally sourced textiles curated by women weavers from the interior of Madhya Pradesh.

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