Get help growing your income during times of economic uncertainty

Need help growing your income during this time of economic uncertainty?

What works and what doesn’t? news 12Kristie Reeter has The Real Deal to maximize your money.

So what are the hottest jobs in New York State right now?

“Looking around performing arts and sports jobs, stadium jobs, teams and concert halls, we saw very strong employment growth, especially in the entertainment and recreation sector, up 61.3% from a year ago. Both hotels and other leisure services increased by 37%, followed by travel and accommodation with a 36.2% increase in jobs in the transport and hotel industry,” said Investopedia’s Caleb Silver.

No matter what job you take, or if you already have one, money expert Jamila Souffrant recommends doing a payroll financial assessment.

She says you can do just that by talking to colleagues and people in the same industry.

Also check out sites like Glassdoor.

Looking for a side hustle? “You can literally do anything on the side,” says Soufran.

Like walking the dog or tutoring.

Some pet sitters charge around $55 per night to ride a dog.

After starting the podcast Journey to Launch, Souffrant turned a side hustle into a full-time job and is now writing a book.

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