Get to know your new fashion obsession ‘Cooper’ – started with a stylish Montauk dinner

Say hello to Couper. A new state-of-the-art luxury fashion e-commerce site conceived by Agee Leinberry and Caroline Gilroy. The new platform aims to imbue her online shopping experience with a bespoke feel by offering curated exclusives from emerging global designers.Help with the toast (!) at the launch—Champagne coup d’étatthe stylish Humptonites joined the ultra-chic duo for an intimate al fresco dinner at Montauk’s Crow’s Nest.

That night, all guests wore striking printed frocks and statement jumpsuits by Colombian designer Andrés Otarola, who was in attendance at the celebration. Among those joining Hannah Keating, head of business development for Rainberry, Gilroy, Otarola and Cooper, are Marisa Bryant, Elizabeth Carpis, Olivia Bannock, Negar Mohamadi, Christy Grimm, Anahita There was Musavian, Doria Murphy, Hilary Hoffman, Camille Fischel, Gabriala Landone and Irina. such as Greco.

As for what to expect from the newly debuted Cooper, it combines Gilroy’s background in technology with Leinberry’s experience with big name fashion brands. The result is an editorial-style experience perusing “museum-worthy” limited-edition collaborations with Gul Hurgel, Francesca Miranda, Eddy Aesthetic, Juju Vera, Fanm Mon, and more. Cheers to that!

Take a peek at the glamorous night below:

Image: BFA

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