‘God isn’t done with us’ — Venue church pastor Tavner Smith confirms foreclosure notice but says church won’t be closed

Tavener Smith
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After denying it last week venue church The bank has issued a foreclosure notice on a church building in Chattanooga, Tennessee, senior pastor Tavener Smith confirmed Sunday. Smith said he still expects church leaders to keep the building, and reiterated that the venue church will not be closed.

“We’ve been through hard times. It’s not a lie. We never hid it,” Smith said before beginning his sermon. “It’s been pretty public… We’ve been through tough times, we’ve been through tough times, but we’ve done our best, not just as staff, but as a church as a whole. .”

Tavener-Smith Addresses Foreclosure Report

Whether or not someone tried to cover it up, it was difficult to hide the “tough season” Tavner Smith alluded to. November 2021, venue church Volunteers showed up at Smith’s house to find the pastor wearing boxers and with one of the church’s female employees. She wore only a towel.

In December of that year, a video surfaced showing Smith kissing the same woman in public. Smith and his now-ex-wife began divorce proceedings in early May, and the divorce was finalized that December. Chattanooga Times Free Press.

At a meeting in December, Smith denied having an affair with the staff, but said he and she planned to pursue a relationship after the divorce was finalized. I returned to the pulpit in May.inappropriate relationshipIn addition to the controversy surrounding this relationship, Smith has been known for financial cheating, living a luxurious life, and prosperity gospel.

In an Instagram video posted last week, Smith referenced the news report as follows: venue church It will face foreclosure and will be closed. “I wanted to say that’s absolutely not true. The venue church is not closed,” he said. He assured me that I can confidently say that I will not go.” The pastor said he would address these allegations in his sermon next Sunday.

a Notice of Foreclosure and Sale Venue Church is in arrears on payments to First Citizens National Bank and said the building will go up for auction on August 24 at 2:00 pm. Daily Beastbank lawyers said the only action to stop the foreclosure was a court order or the church paying off the debt in full.

“I would like to briefly explain the confusion,” Smith said at the beginning of his August 7 sermon.it’s time to close

“You’ve read or seen in the newspaper that the bank has put a foreclosure notice on our building. This is absolutely true,” Smith said. He admired the generosity, kindness and patience of the congregation. “It’s a scary situation when you’re navigating a situation like this, knowing that you’re not just going through it alone, but with a group of people… Like you, we were scared when we found and saw the notice, but we also knew that God wasn’t ending us.”

refer Jesus‘ statement, ‘the truth will set you freesaid Smith. “There’s a difference between facts and truth. Facts happen. Truth wins.” These attorneys assured church leaders that there were “multiple options” for maintaining the building, according to Smith, but what those options were. No matter what happens to the building, the venue church will survive, Smith said. building.

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