Gounardes vs Yassky state senator election heats up in final day of campaign

The Democratic primary for the state Senate in Brooklyn’s 26th District is one of the hottest races this summer.

News 12’s Kurt Semder met with state Senator Andrew Gounardes and challenger David Yassky to discuss issues important to them as the first day approaches.

Gunardez, who won both the 2018 and 2020 elections by a narrow margin, maintains his record. He says he has passed many bills that directly affect people’s quality of life. This includes speed expanding his camera program and making his CUNY school more affordable.

Former city council member Yassky says he is ready to make tough decisions to help the community in the long term.

“We have to be willing not only to invest in the dollar, but also to make tough policy changes that are difficult but pay off in the long run,” he said.

One such issue is the future of the Brooklyn-Queens highway, which runs the length of the district and needs improvement.

They also agree that planning for the Brooklyn waterfront will be an immediate priority.

Here are my thoughts on each other:

Yasky: “This is not someone challenging congressional leaders to bring issues to the agenda that most politicians try to avoid. We need to do that in the next few years.”

Gounardes: “The biggest difference between us is that I am doing this job now and all the people who represent the community he represented are supporting me in this election. .”

Early voting is now taking place. The first day is Tuesday, August 23rd.

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