Gov. Murphy announces Mark Dinglasan as Director of Food Security Advocacy Service

Trenton – Governor Phil Murphy today announced the appointment of Mark Dinglasan as Director of the Food Security Advocacy Service. In September 2021, Gov. Murphy confirmed his commitment to ending hunger in New Jersey by signing a comprehensive package of legislation aimed at combating food insecurity and establishing the Food Security Advocacy Office. I double checked.

“Ensuring access to proper nutrition is essential to solidifying New Jersey as the best state to raise a family for every family.” Governor Murphy said. “Today, I am pleased to announce that Mark Dinglasan has been appointed Director of the Food Security Advocacy Service. By doing so, we are confident that we will make significant progress in our ongoing efforts to end food insecurity.”

The Food Security Advocacy Office coordinates the administration of state food insecurity programs and develops new policy initiatives to advocate food insecurity, fight hunger, and promote access to food relief programs.

“I am truly delighted to have appointed Mark Dinglasan to New Jersey as the first state-level food security advocate in the United States.” Congressional Speaker Craig J. Coughlin said: “We very much intend this office to oversee hunger efforts across the state, break down silos, and foster partnerships at all levels of government and organizations working in the field of food security. Having led CUMAC as Executive Director for the past five years, Mark brings a deep knowledge of New Jersey’s food landscape and a unique skill set focused on food justice in the coming weeks. We look forward to meeting with him in the near future to build our vision for the office and partnering in the future to ensure everyone can meet their most basic food needs.”

“I am extremely humbled and excited about the opportunity to serve New Jersey as director of the Office of Food Security Advocates. Mark Dinglasan said. “Ending hunger has nothing to do with feeding people, it has everything to do with advocating for food security. There are systems, and change agents.”

Mark Dinglasan is currently Executive Director of CUMAC, the largest anti-hunger organization in Pasayk County. As Executive Director, Dinglasan led CUMAC’s mission to combat hunger and its root causes through a holistic, trauma-based approach to providing food and basic necessities to families and individuals in need. . With over 15 years of experience in the corporate and non-profit sector, he has led teams in program management, youth development, sales, and strategic planning. He earned his MBA from DePaul University’s Kerstadt School of Business and graduated cum laude from Monmouth College.

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