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Governor Murphy Visits Camden Highlights Direct Investments in New Jersey Communities

Governor Phil Murphy visited the City of Camden to highlight direct investments in the city included in the FY2023 budget. Governor Murphy prioritized investments in key infrastructure projects for his communities and statewide in New Jersey and reaffirmed that commitment through historic levels of funding for the 2023 Budget.

“Today, we are delighted to be returning to historic Camden as this year’s budget highlights our important investment in the city.” Governor Murphy said. “Camden is a developing city and these investments will be used to refurbish the shops and streets, making them more inviting and welcoming with fresh paint and refurbished brickwork, new windows and signage. , also brings much-needed improvements in safety and security.We look forward to continuing our partnership with Mayor Victor Carsterfen and the City Council to further invest in the city’s bright future.”

“The state’s ongoing investment in the City of Camden will help city residents who rely on supplemental funding for affordable housing access, social planning, infrastructure upgrades, and neighborhood improvements. It yielded positive results.” Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver, Commissioner of Community Affairs, said: “Budget 2023 redoubles our overall commitment to making Camden a place where people can work, learn, raise families and live quality lives.”

The fiscal 2023 budget provides Camden with significant funding to help support local governments and meet capital needs, as well as reduce property taxes. This funding includes over $100 million in local government assistance, including over $5 million from the Local Government Relief Fund this year. This budget will also make significant investments of over $80 million in critical projects through cities, counties, and their departments of improvement.

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Gov. Murphy Launches Third Year of New Jersey Electric Vehicle Incentive Program, Announces New Residential EV Charger Program

Governor Phil Murphy announced the start of the third year of Charge Up, the state’s popular New Jersey electric vehicle (EV) incentive program, and also announced the state’s new residential EV charger program. Both the Charge-Up New Jersey Program and the Residential Charger Program are important parts of the landmark electric vehicle law signed into law by the governor two years ago. In addition, the state has announced the names of its latest grant recipients and opened the next application window for three of his other EV incentive programs at the New Jersey Public Utilities Commission (NJBPU).

The announcement represents a major step forward in the growth of the state’s comprehensive and highly successful electric vehicle program. The Charge Up program is currently the largest cash-on-the-food incentive program in the nation, offering incentives up to $4,000. Over the last two years of the program, over 13,000 EVs have been purchased or leased under this incentive.

Electrification of the state’s transportation sector, which accounts for more than 40% of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions, is a key part of the Energy Master Plan, the state’s roadmap to achieving 100% clean energy by 2050. New Jersey strives to meet ambitious emissions reduction targets for both light and heavy duty vehicles while promoting environmental justice statewide. The Murphy Administration’s efforts to increase access to incentive programs complement state actions to protect overloaded communities from the disproportionate impacts of pollution and climate change. Through the New Jersey Zero Emissions Incentive Program (NJ ZIP), funded by the proceeds of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), the state reduces harmful emissions, especially in communities disproportionately impacted by transportation emissions. , promotes economic opportunity.

“With so much at stake in the growing climate crisis, we all must do our part, not just as New Jerseyers, but as global citizens, to mitigate the impacts of climate change. I have to.” Governor Murphy said. “That’s why I’m proud that my administration is doing everything in its power to make the transition to electric vehicles more financially feasible and practical for working families across the state. Charge Up. As we enter the third year of the New Jersey EV Incentives Program, we are determined to meet our ambitious clean energy goals and ensure that even more New Jerseyans continue to enjoy significant economic and environmental benefits. I am sure they will use it.”

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Gov. Murphy and New Jersey Board of Health expand eligibility and availability of monkeypox vaccine

Governor Phil Murphy and New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) Chair Judith Persichiri announced the state’s plans to expand eligibility for the monkeypox vaccine and distribute 2,700 doses. This vaccine was previously offered to residents known to have been exposed to monkeypox patients. Going forward, the JYNNEOS vaccine will also be made available to New Jersey residents who have likely been exposed to the virus in the past 14 days. New Jersey now has 45 confirmed cases of the probable virus.

“As monkeypox cases continue to rise and our state receives booster vaccinations from the federal government, we are taking these important steps to increase vaccine availability to protect the health of our residents. I have.” Governor Murphy said. “As my administration works to raise awareness about monkeypox, I ask our partners in health care and community to help spread the word about the symptoms, risks, and availability of both testing and a vaccine. We will continue to prioritize the health of our communities and take steps to support and reach out to residents most at risk from this virus.”

“At this time, New Jersey is receiving a very limited number of doses, and the department is pressuring the CDC to provide the additional doses needed to meet the needs of the at-risk population in a timely manner. I keep calling.” Persichiri Health Commissioner said. “At the same time, residents should be aware of the signs and symptoms of orthopoxvirus and take precautions to prevent its spread.”

A two-dose regimen for post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) will continue to be available through local health departments for residents with known monkeypox contact. Anyone with a known exposure within the last 14 days should contact their healthcare provider or local health department regarding test and vaccine eligibility. Local health departments will continue to conduct contact tracing and provide vaccines to those identified as close contacts.

Vaccine is available by appointment only through three community partners for residents with unconfirmed exposure who may have been or believe they are likely to have been exposed to monkeypox in the last 14 days It is now possible.

New Jersey expects additional doses from the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the department will continue to expand access to the vaccine as the state receives additional supplies.

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Gov. Murphy signs ballot reform package to strengthen New Jersey elections

Gov. Phil Murphy reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring access to the right to vote by signing a series of bills to strengthen elections in New Jersey. It builds on reforms to expand democracy enacted during the Murphy administration, including early voting.

“Across the country, we continue to see one of the nation’s core principles under attack as states restrict access to ballot papers.” Governor Murphy said. “We are proud to be signing legislation that will make democracy more accessible, transparent, and stronger in our state. continues to move forward.”

“With this package of measures, New Jersey will continue to increase access to ballot boxes and provide additional resources to election officials while increasing election security.” Secretary of State Tahesha Wei said: “Voting rights are the very foundation of our democracy and we are committed to making voting as safe, simple and transparent as possible.”

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ICYMI: Murphy Administration Launches Naloxone Distribution Program

The Murphy Administration has announced that the Department of Human Services (DHS) has partnered with the Department of Health and the Office of the Attorney General to launch a naloxone distribution program. This program allows eligible distributors to request drop shipping of naloxone online when needed.

“With nearly 3,000 New Jerseyans dying from overdoses each year, my administration recognizes the importance of promoting harm reduction measures that can save the lives of countless residents suffering from drug use disorders. I understand.” said Governor Phil Murphy. “This distribution program is another way we are working to increase access to naloxone and make it available whenever and wherever you need it. We will never stop looking for solutions to help more people.”

“This program builds on existing efforts to get naloxone to as many people as possible. By reducing the barriers to getting naloxone for first responders and community organizations, this life-saving antidote is the most accessible. It will be available when you need it.” DHS Commissioner Sarah Adelman said:“We are excited to see qualified institutions enroll in this essential program and expand the availability of this drug. I can do it.”

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