Hackensack Meridian Health Announces End of Onsite Paid Child Care Program

Hundreds of families are looking for childcare this fall after Hackensack Meridian Health sent a letter announcing the end of its paid childcare program. The company says these programs are no longer sustainable.

“Absolutely no warnings. No warnings at all.

The parent currently works at Hackensack Meridian Jersey Shore University Medical Center. He says he is just one of many families desperately looking for new daycare services for their children.

HHM has sent a letter to employees announcing that the childcare program will end on September 30th. The letter states: for our organization. ”

“Parents are desperate. They’re a working family. They don’t have backup care and the situation will affect hospitals,” says Amy Weiss.

Weiss owns the Kiddie Academy of Neptune, which is a short drive from the hospital. Her phone line is off-hook, she says, with her parents concerned about her. She says she will do her best to help place her children at her center this fall.

“We are starting a waiting list for families needing care in September. It’s not a good time to start,” says Weiss. “We plan to move things around to make more space for these families.”

Weiss urges parents to be patient and prepare their waiting list, but also encourages them to start looking now.

Parents should find a day care center that can replicate the accommodation hours offered by the onsite centers within the hospital system.

“This company is proud of their family and admires their team members. The fact that they took this action to save money is not an investment in your people,” the parent said. I got

Hackensack Meridian Health says it will provide six months of grants to affected team members. Additionally, the network has arranged discounts with major childcare providers.

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