Hamilton Mayor Jeff Martin Announces Mayor’s Wellness Campaign on Wear Red on Heart Health Day

HAMILTON, N.J. – In honor of wearing wear red for heart health, Hamilton Township Mayor Jeff Martin announced today by signing the Mayors Wellness Campaign (MWC) Annual Participation Pledge, Announced renewed commitment to improving health and wellness in Hamilton Township. Formed the Mayor of Hamilton Township’s Wellness Campaign Committee to encourage community involvement in wellness activities in which local residents can participate this year.

MWC is an initiative of the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute in partnership with the New Jersey State League of Municipalities. One of MWC’s main goals is to improve the health and wellness of the entire New Jersey community. Through public-private partnerships, MWC provides structure and evidence-based resources for community health initiatives. By supporting opportunities for active and healthy lifestyles and encouraging mayors to play a leadership role in incorporating social determinants of health into all policies, New Jersey is promoting community-based health interventions. Becoming a national leader. Hamilton Township and his MWC partnership began over 20 years ago to encourage communities to embark on a path towards active living and healthier lifestyles.

Hamilton Township will use its partnership with MWC to host events to encourage healthy lifestyles and raise community awareness of the factors that contribute to health outcomes. Mayor Martin said, “We’ve seen the positive impact her Mayor’s Wellness campaign has had on our community.” increase.”

For future announcements and information about the Hamilton Township Mayor’s Wellness Campaign and Commission, please visit www.HamiltonNJ.com/MWC. For more information on the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute’s Statewide Mayors Wellness Campaign, visit www.njhcqi.org/mayors-.wellness campaign.


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