‘Hard Knock’ Winners and Losers: Lions Receiver Stands Out as Dandre Swift’s Stock Drops After Episode 2

The Detroit Lions, led by Dan Campbell, stepped into the limelight on Tuesday night for the second edition of HBO’s annual training camp series, 2022 “Hard Knock.” After a colorful debut that reiterated Campbell’s penchant for quotable pep talk, how did Episode 2 stack up? Let’s take a look at the most notable winners and losers.

Winner: Lions Receiver

Former Rams reserve Josh Reynolds, who emerged as a big threat to Jared Goff in late 2021, actually got so many separations downfield that Campbell was subsequently dubbed ‘Big Smooth’ and ‘F I singled him out by not one but two nicknames, ‘Snake’. – Dying.’ Imagine if the NFL allowed it on his nameplate. Seriously though, Reynolds’ work shows that his WR his room on the Lions is pretty underrated as a whole. reminds me of Rookie Jameson Williams could be his maker in the play if he’s healthy, but even without him, Reynolds and his DJ Chark are Possession standouts Amon Lascent, who contrast a lot with his Brown. Provides speed.

Even David Braff, the third-string quarterback who ruined any chance of a preseason win, took more hits in Episode 2 than the team’s star running back. Campbell’s right-hand man, Deuce Staley, repeatedly touted Swift’s strengths as lead-back: “You can be the best in this league, you really can.” was even more frustrated with his second-rounder. First, he suggested at a coaches meeting that the Swifts lacked confidence, conviction, and a “good-natured mentality”. Swift eventually scored and rebounded, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone if Detroit continues to rely on veteran No. 2 Jamal Williams.

If you don’t know the name, you might want to. The hurdles to standing out in the Lions’ linebacker pack may have been low at first, but the Oklahoma State rookie in Round 6 is on track to start the 2022 season in the starting lineup. Coach Kelvin Shepherd basically challenged him to snatch the top job after a quick physical workout, after which he called out all of Rodriguez’s fellow backers for his smarts on the field. I tore it up as it couldn’t be compared to…! ”

Loser: Kevin Durant

No one expected the NBA superstar to catch a stray dog ​​on a TV show about the Lions, but Amonra’s father, John Brown, cited KD when criticizing athletes who couldn’t stay fit. Did. ” group.

His family may have been a little awkward in the plush booth during his preseason debut, reacting to his first tackle as if he had never seen live football. It was clear that Detroit himself was already physically and technically superior to second- and third-team NFL players. If it worked, it would be huge.

Loser: David Blau

It’s a tough one considering the emotional toll the preseason fumble took on the backup QB, but no two-minute drill to end a game can drop a shotgun snap. He told his teammates before the miscue that a finish in the preseason opener would help set the tone for the season. It looks like he has a solid support group, including beloved wife, hurdler and 2024 Olympic hopeful Melissa Gonzalez. He may be trapped on a third mission behind Tim Boyle’s back.

Winner: Amon La St. Brown

He’s a good fit for the Lions’ receiver, but St. Brown deserves another nod as he was the featured player in Episode 2. Still only 22 years old and Goff’s favorite target going into the new season, it’s clear this guy is dedicated to his craft. Not only does he have a solid memory of reciting all 16 of his receivers who were selected ahead of him in the 2021 draft, but every day he catches 202 passes from his JUGS machine. I also made it clear that His father, John Brown, his two-time Mr. Universe bodybuilder, preached nothing but constant preparation on the air.

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