Harlem’s Fashion Row partners with LVMH to showcase three designers of color during NYFW

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Harlem Fashion Row (HFR) partnered with Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) to spotlight three designers of color during New York Fashion Week. The joint presentation on September 6th is the result of the newly established partnership between HFR and his LVMH. Together, the two organizations are on a mission to bring powerful change to Harlem and provide new opportunities for the next generation of talented BIPOC designers.

This September, up-and-coming designers Clarence Ruth, Jonathan Hayden and Nicole Bennefield will kick off NYFW at HFR and LVMH’s celebratory runway. Learn more about selected talents below.

Clarence Ruth

Today, Clarence Ruth helms his own menswear brand, Cotte D’Armes. Cotte D’Armes is defined primarily by his inclusions and military-inspired cuts in its innovative denim, but his journey up to that point has been quite an adventure. Ruth started out as both a fashion model and an artist, landing his color-pop work at the Polk Museum and the Museum of Africa. After finding success in the aforementioned fields, Multi-Hyphenate sought to merge his two passions through clothing, leading visual departments for Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, John Varvatos and Andrew Buckler. Shortly thereafter, Cottodarm was born.

Jonathan Hayden

Contemporary womenswear designer Jonathan Hayden expertly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern style aesthetics. She incorporates technical elements into her designs, listens to the needs of women in STEM-related fields, and builds conscious looks. All of this is meant to dress up the modern intellect, the woman who manipulates “brain over body.” A visionary in particular, he is dedicated to making clean and sustainable work without sacrificing creative integrity.

Nicole Benefield

Nicole Benefield executes a casually elevated look with fashion-forward silhouettes and thoughtfully crafted pieces. Her Throw Her Fashion Under her brand Nicole Benefield Portfolio, the designer offers a range of pieces in organic, biodegradable, headstock fabrics produced in small batches. Evaluating form and comfort, Benefield prides itself on championing “feelings more than trends.” Peruse her latest collection and you’ll know exactly what she means.

In more fashion news, the Louis Vuitton Painted Can bag is back in three new colorways.

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