Hartsdale Residents Oppose Proposed Net at Scarsdale Golf Club

Some Hartsdale residents say the Scarsdale Golf Club has rejected a proposal to install a giant net between the course and neighboring apartments.

The course is asking the Greenburg City Zoning Appeals Board for differences to go ahead with several projects, including the installation of a pair of giant nets and the installation of temporary fences on two tennis courts.

The proposed net is 90 feet high and 150 feet long. It follows a driving range that backs up several housing estates. Current law limits the height of driving range nets to a maximum of 12 feet, depending on the application.
The Course said it launched the net proposal after residents of 140 East Hartsdale Avenue complained that a ball from the shooting range was hit over the treeline and damaged their car. increase.

Hartsdale resident Rudolf Rinaldi said five windows were broken by a golf ball 15 years ago, but he hasn’t had any problems since trees were planted on the course five years ago. It says.

“No problem so far,” he said. “We were very happy. What’s happening now is that this problem is next door and it’s causing problems.”

The course cuts about 20 trees to make room for the poles and nets. Residents said the project would damage the local environment and could lead to additional netting projects in the future, which would adversely affect home values.

Lawyers for the golf course have previously argued that the net has “little visual impact,” “no viable alternatives,” and “no adverse impact on the golf course.” [surrounding] environment. “

Neither Scarsdale Golf Club nor its attorneys responded to News 12’s request for comment. However, attorneys last month responded to allegations made by Hartsdale residents in a letter to the City of Hartsdale’s Zoning Appeals Board, which was included in the application.

Scarsdale Golf Club attorney Steven Rabel said: “There is absolutely no evidence that common safety nets affect the lives of animals.

The Town Zoning Appeals Board plans to take up the debate at its next meeting at Greenburg City Hall on Thursday, August 11 at 7:00 pm.

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