Hawaii’s economy may not fully recover until 2025

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Preliminary visitor statistics released by the Bureau of Business and Economic Development show a total of 919,154 visitors to Hawaii in July, a 92.4% recovery from July 2019 and the lowest since January 2020 Recorded the highest number of monthly visitors. sightseeing.

It also increased visitor spending. Visitor spending in July was $1.94 billion, compared to $1.7 billion in July 2019, a 14.3% increase in spending. Although this year’s figure is higher, DBEDT does not expect Hawaii’s economy to fully recover until 2025.

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“Therefore, as we move forward together, we must strive to achieve a healthy balance between our community, the environment and the tourism industry,” DBEDT Director Mike McCartney said in a statement Monday. “This balance also includes reviving the international market later this year. Tourism is an economic opportunity for individuals, businesses and communities to improve and strengthen our homes.”

All July visitors flew to Hawaii primarily from the western and eastern United States and stayed an average of nine days. Visitors from Japan this year have fallen by 82.8% compared to his 2019 in July. However, travel demand from Japan is expected to gradually increase heading into the fall and winter seasons due to the recent resumption of flights between Tokyo-Kona and Tokyo-Honolulu.

“Travelers around the world have come to see and appreciate that Hawaii is truly a dream come true,” said John de Vries, president and CEO of HTA, in a statement.

Visitors from Canada also declined, but to a lesser extent when comparing July 2022 and July 2019 (down 4.7%). Oceania, Rest of Asia, Europe, Latin America, Guam, Philippines, Pacific Islands. By comparison, in July 2019, these international visitors were 127,510 (-27.2%).

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