‘He kind of didn’t move’ eyewitness describes aftermath of toddler’s amusement park accident

park visitor said news 12 new jersey On Sunday in Hope Township I met a toddler who had been run over by an amusement ride.

Police confirmed that a two-year-old was hit by a train at 1:05 p.m. Saturday at the Land of Make Believe.

The child was seriously injured and airlifted to a local hospital where he was finally listed as in critical condition.

Lily Decker said she woke up crying on Sunday morning with the image of the boy stuck in her head. She was a critical care nurse and she got into action along with the others who were there.

“He was just lying there on his left side,” Decker recalled. “Something like a spike came out of the train and it was just lying on top of him.

Decker said he has been going to the park since he was a child and has never seen an accident like this.

The accident is still under police investigation. news 12 new jersey I have contacted Land of Make Believe but have not received a response.

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