Health and safety tents provide valuable information

how do you feel? Is that a question you asked yourself recently? When you visit the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, it might be helpful to get answers from a third party. You have that chance at the Health and Safety Tent.

Marsha Chaney, outreach coordinator at the Great Plains Center for Ag Health, based in Iowa City, said: “In my job, we do a lot of in-person outreach and education. This show gives us the opportunity to reach more people.”

Cheyney has put together a comprehensive plan for a health and safety tent that will focus on demonstrations, safety education and more. All of these services are located at the north end of the northeast quadrant at 37N.

demonstration in hand

“We have an ATV tilt table in the tent that shows what happens if you get the machine at the wrong angle,” says Cheyney.

In addition, AgrAbility will show how to modify equipment to ensure farmers can maintain equipment in the event of a tragedy. AgrAbility representatives will demonstrate a tractor lift system that helps farmers climb into cabs and perform farm work. Also, there are other demonstrations to check out that provide practical insight into important safety and farm health topics.

Wellness and Safety Insights

In terms of safety education, visitors will have the opportunity to connect with various support services. “We make mental health support resources available to our visitors, which is becoming a growing problem in agriculture,” he says Cheyney.

In addition, there is information on grain storage safety and how to prevent falls on the farm. Over the past two years, I’ve been trapped in several grain bunkers in the Midwest. Getting tips to stay out of trouble can benefit your farm.

“We will also have a group to discuss gas canister safety,” says Cheyney. ” [Legacy of] The Christopher Allsup Foundation was established after a family lost a child in a portable gas canister explosion. They offer a lot of education on its safety. ”

In addition, there will be a presentation on personal protective equipment used on the farm. This information focuses on his PPE suitable for specific tasks, including the use of crop protection on farms.

rich information

Cheyney provides a list of topics you can check out during your visit.

  • mental health and stress
  • suicide prevention
  • Prevention of opioid overdose
  • Lifts and other modifications to keep farming after trauma
  • Gasoline safety education
  • Railway safety for farmers
  • Pesticide Safety and Worker Protection Standard Information
  • Stop the bleed program
  • Safe storage of firearms
  • Foster parent information
  • hazard mapping
  • Farmer Welfare Resources
  • Grain handling safety
  • Fall prevention on the farm
  • pig and livestock safety
  • Infectious and zoonotic disease prevention
  • ATV safety

Cheney said the tent also has an area where you can take a break with coffee or water. “It’s a place to walk around and catch your breath,” she adds.

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