Health literacy is more important than ever in New Jersey

Donna M. Christensen

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people across the country, and New Jersey has not been spared. The state has had the highest infection rates in the country throughout the pandemic and has severe racial disparities. According to a recent Gothamist article, he accounts for 43% of confirmed coronavirus deaths among adults under the age of 50 in New Jersey, even though he makes up only 12% of the state’s total population. No, he was a Latino man.

Even before the pandemic, research found that more than half of Americans with employer-sponsored health insurance will delay or postpone recommended treatment for themselves or a family member in 2020 due to cost. I was doing Now, as insurance companies continue to make billions of dollars while curtailing services like his COVID-19 coverage, a New Jersey resident has taken the time to figure out what various health plans cover and what they don’t. Considering things is more important than ever. Health insurance practices are changing and New Jersey residents should be prepared.

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