Healthy, Cost-Effective Choices for Back-to-School Lunch

With food prices at an all-time high, it makes sense to plan ahead when preparing school lunches for your children.

news 12consumer reporter Janice Lieberman on The Real Deal on how to make healthy, cost-effective choices.

Kids are noisy! And you definitely don’t want your school lunch to end up in the trash. Buying ready-made food is expensive and usually not very healthy.

Jamie Fayt, a nutritionist and mother, says it’s cheaper and healthier to make your own lunch.

“I don’t really recommend buying prepackaged food because it’s high in preservatives, sugar, salt, and expensive,” says Feit.

Fate recommends including children in preparing lunch.

Build a pinwheel instead of a boring sandwich.

Feit recommends using containers with compartments.

Add fruits and vegetables.

“So if you have small children, you might get a container that fits two windmills. And you can use those containers over and over again,” she says.

Use cookie cutters to make cute sandwiches with healthy bread.

Kids love pizza, but try making it with whole wheat tortillas.

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