Heart to Heart Fall 2022

This issue of Samaritan Health Services’ Heart to Heart magazine features the heartwarming story of two women who became friends through their battles with cancer and raises funds to support community members facing cancer. I inspire others with my annual walk to collect. There are also stories of an Alaskan fisherman returning to adventure with a joint replacement.

See how the ArtsCare program brings healing to Samaritan patients and employees through the arts. Find out what the signs of post-pandemic trauma are, and read stories about how a mother is helping her teens establish healthy habits. Get tips to quit smoking and understand the symptoms of vascular disease. We also have articles detailing how to avoid chronic inflammation and how to establish good oral and sleep hygiene to benefit your overall health.

Get the latest information on cancer detection, learn if immunotherapy is right for you, and why you shouldn’t postpone your cancer screening. Words of encouragement from cancer survivors to help others along their journey.

Finally, enjoy an update on how Samaritan is dedicated to a comprehensive healthcare journey for all. Community surveys to determine what matters most, and hear from one of four groups dedicated to highlighting diverse voices.

Heart to Heart is your local guide to health by Samaritan Health Services. Read inspiring stories to get ideas on how to build healthier communities together.

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