Heat and humidity build up as the week begins across New Jersey.Showers possible

now and next: As the evening approaches we are tracking several isolated showers/storms in southwestern New Jersey. They naturally rain and do not form any more during that time.

Storm Watch team meteorologist Michele Powers said heat and humidity will rise in New Jersey heading into Monday, with showers and storms likely late Tuesday.

Sunny after early clouds on Monday. It’s really humid with temperatures near 90 degrees in spots.

A cold front will develop later Tuesday, with showers and storms later in the day. Wednesday should be clear enough to see more sun and keep temperatures warm. The rest of the week will be less humid and cooler. Think of it as a “fall preview” as September kicks off for a few days.

Tropical: Areas of concern immediately east of the Windward/Leeward Islands are highlighted. Moderate risk over the next few days, but high risk now by day 7. Models are looking to develop something at the start of September, so we’ll have a tropical system in the Atlantic soon. may be tracked.

Monday: The clouds clear up early. 85-90 max.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny with a possibility of severe storms later in the evening. 85-90 max.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, warm and dry. 85-90 max.

Thursday and Friday: Mostly sunny, cool and low humidity. 80-85 max.

Saturday and Sunday: Mostly sunny and calm. Best in the mid 80’s.

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