Heavy rain, sporadic storms possible today.Worried about wind damage and floods

current situation:
Humidity will increase further into the weekend. There is a chance of showers/storms today. Some get stronger, some get worse. The main threat is wind damage. rain pocket. There was no heavy rain over a wide area. Old-fashioned weather songs and dances. There will be very little rain in the future, but when isolated storms appear in widely dispersed isolated nature, torrential downpours are a natural consequence.

What’s next: The weekend looks good with slightly above average temperatures and noticeable humidity. The last weekend before the “unofficial” end of the summer season.

Stormwatch team meteorologist James Gregorio said an isolated, sudden storm with torrential downpours could form today, posing a risk of localized flooding in some areas.

today: Sporadic thunderstorms will occur in the afternoon. Temperatures in the late 80’s. A thunderstorm is possible in the evening.

tonight: Lows around 73 overnight.

Saturday: Mostly clear skies with scattered afternoon clouds. Possible stray thunderstorm. Midday highs in the late 80’s. Lows around 73 overnight.

Sunday: A thunderstorm is possible in the morning, then partly cloudy. Mid-80s mid-day high. More clouds are likely on Sunday night, with overnight lows around 73.

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