Helena Chandler | VA New Jersey Healthcare

Dr. Chandler is Acting Director and Chief of Service for the War-Related Illnesses and Injuries Center in New Jersey. Dr. Chandler joined WRIISC as a postdoc in 2002 after earning a PhD in clinical psychology from Virginia Tech.

Dr. Chandler has 20 years of experience applying principles of behavioral medicine to veterans, and her research and clinical expertise is in veterans with medically unexplained, deployment-related health problems. Dr. Chandler has received federal recognition for her research addressing the issues of Gulf War illness, chronic multi-symptom illness, healthcare delivery, and the impact of mental health conditions (especially her PTSD) on physical symptoms. We are funded. Dr. Chandler has particular interests in her three interrelated areas of research: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), medically unexplained symptoms (MUS), and healthcare utilization. Dr. Chandler’s primary role now is to lead the NJ WRIISC to disseminate and disseminate her knowledge of deployment-related health issues and environmental exposure concerns.

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