Here are some ways to help manage back-to-school anxiety.

today and this month news 12 helps you get ready to go back to school. The mere thought of that may make many parents and children feel uneasy.

According to a recent report in 2020, 10% of children in New Jersey were diagnosed or reported with an anxiety disorder or depression by a doctor or health care provider. That number has increased since our last report four years ago. Here are some ways to help manage back-to-school anxiety.

“It’s okay to be scared of something at school,” says GenPsych clinical director Ira Hayes. “It’s okay to be scared of whatever it is, but how do you overcome that fear? How do you deal with it? How can you be productive and happy?

Hayes is GenPsych’s clinical director and has seen an increasing number of students come to him for help.

“I get a call from the school and the kids are here,” says Hayes. “There is an overwhelming demand for this kind of treatment.”

Anxiety can be caused by so many factors. Who do you sit with on the bus, at lunch, on social media, do you get good grades, solve current affairs, to name a few.

To manage it, experts say identify people who can help, visit school before the first day, be socially active, get enough sleep and reach out if you’re concerned. .

If anxiety is preventing you from doing what you love, if you’re having a panic attack, if you feel like you can’t manage it, if you feel isolated, experts say: I advise you to see a doctor.

“Otherwise, the fact that school is scary reinforces the fear of grocery stores, playgrounds, shopping malls, and keeps children on track to a fulfilling life,” says Hayes. .

But in the meantime, if you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath.

“It may sound simplistic, but being able to focus on your breathing and be able to withstand stress has a lot to do with being able to monitor your body,” says Hayes.

Professionals tell us to check on the children, listen to them and see how they react.

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