Hoboken + JC Officials Oppose Project to Expand NJ Turnpike

Hoboken and Jersey City officials recently spoke out against a $4.7 billion project to extend the New Jersey Turnpike between Jersey City’s 14A and 14C exits. Governor Phil Murphy has called for an update to help repair the damage, but opponents say the construction will cause pollution, traffic congestion, and more problems. Read what we know about public opposition to the expansion of the New Jersey Turnpike.

New Jersey Toll Road Widening

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Governor Phil Murphy has requested a $4.7 billion project to extend the NJ Turnpike between Exit 14A and Exit 14C. The project aims to alleviate traffic congestion by not only creating more space, but also by repairing years of damage. While the project aims to benefit those who live in Hudson County and commute through the Holland Tunnel, many have spoken out for fear of adverse effects.

Around patchseveral Hoboken officials stepped forward at the Hoboken City Council meeting on August 10 to oppose the expansion project.

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Wednesday’s resolution, sponsored by city councilors Ramos Jr., Jabbar and Quintero, is titled: project.

Among other things, the resolution addresses the lack of effectiveness other highway expansion projects had previously, lack of transparency on behalf of the NJTA regarding cost-benefit analysis of this project, and concerns about greenhouse gas emissions. , and hopes that this major funding will be channeled into other transportation projects.

The bill passed 8-0, with one member absent.

“The Hoboken City Council has asked Governor Murphy to urge the NJTA to halt further work on the Turnpike expansion and immediately conduct a comprehensive climate and economic analysis of how best to improve transportation in Jersey City. Please further resolve to ask for instructions.” The resolution reads.

Jersey City Council members have also been vocal against the plan, via a press release sent out on August 11.

“Chairman Joyce Watterman; General Councilor Daniel Rivera; District B Rep. Mira Prinz Alley; C Rep. Richard Boggiano; Rep. Frank E. Gilmore F co-supports a resolution rejecting the plan,” the press release reads.

“At this time, the expansion of the New Jersey Turnpike does not appear to be favorable to Jersey City residents,” said City Council Speaker Joyce Watterman. “There is no denying that one of the many challenges facing Jersey City residents is the amount of vehicle traffic that passes through our city on a daily basis. It’s too crowded to accommodate.While this expansion is focused on the Turnpike, we oppose the expansion of the Turnpike as we believe residents will bear the brunt and disruption this expansion can cause. is.”

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“We understand that infrastructure upgrades along our turnpikes and bridges are in dire need, but lane expansion in Jersey City is a short-term solution to solving our traffic problems,” said District B. Congressman Mira-Prinz Alley added.

Fund for a Better Waterfront, a Hoboken-based non-profit organization, also opposes the expansion of the Turnpike. “If this toxic proposal moves forward, the consequences could be similar: increased asthma rates for the many children who live and go to school next to the Turnpike, congestion on local streets, It’s the endangering traffic jams, and the climate change fire that’s already burning fast,” the website reads.

Many other environmental groups also oppose the expansion of the Turnpike. enterThese groups include: Clean Water Action New Jersey. Delaware Riverkeeper Network. Do not supply gas to the Meadowlands Coalition. Environmental New Jersey; Food & Water Watch; and the New Jersey Sierra Club.

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