Hoboken’s iconic Italian bakery closes after 43 years

The iconic Italian bakery in Hoboken closed Saturday after 43 years in service.

Many past and present customers stopped by to say goodbye to Dom’s Bakery at 506 Grand St.

“It’s truly the end of an era. They’ve been here for a long time and have been so kind to the community. They’re amazing people. I wish them all the best,” said Dana Dipot Engelka of Toms River. rice field.

“I saw them when they opened and I see them closed now. It’s a very sad feeling, but a happy one for them,” says resident Rose Cappiello. said.

“Somehow I had to say thank you to my customers. This was probably the easiest way, because I get to see them all,” said co-owner Florinda Castellitto.

Florinda and Dom Castellitto started their business on Fifth Avenue in 1979 before moving to 506 Grand St. in 1988. Baking was the family business.

“My family had a business in Hoboken. After Dom and I got married, he started working for them and eventually we bought our own place,” says Florinda Castellitto. explained.

Esther Rodriguez worked at Dom’s counter for 26 years, but said she left with a broken heart.

“I’ve seen my kids grow up, get married, and have kids of their own. It hurts,” Rodriguez said.

Domm’s Bakery was not only popular with the public like the Mayor, but was also a favorite of Hoboken’s Frank Sinatra.

The Castellits are about to retire and say they have memories that will last a lifetime.

“I think it tastes bittersweet. All these people, it’s very overpowering. Not what I expected. Really beautiful, really beautiful,” said Florinda Castellitto.

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